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My August Break

It won’t surprise most of you, but my life these days is an extremely precarious balance between: trying to finish my dissertation by mid-winter, getting ready for two upcoming conference presentations, preparing to give up the Bremen apartment and live full-time in Berlin, getting myself in PR-shape for 5K and 10K races in the early fall, …

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The Hive Berlin

The Hive in Berlin

This past weekend, I attended my first ever blog conference — The Hive at the betahaus in Berlin.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I blog, what my goals are for No Apathy Allowed, and how much free time I want to devote to it.  And the Hive turned out to be the …

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Goodbye, Google Reader

Yes, I’m officially behind the times in posting this, but whatever.   I remember the old days, back when I bookmarked all the blogs I loved and would click through all of them each day to see if there were any new posts.  Tedious, but there wasn’t any other way!  Once Google Reader came along, …

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