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In Lima

We arrived in Lima this morning, after rising at five to a drizzly and cool morning. We are staying in the Barranco neighborhood, which according to the Lonely Planet is a center of clubbing and nightlife (but that’s hard to tell at noon). Lima is on the coast of Peru and the weather is everything …

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Feliz año nuevo!

We have been staying in Cusco since returning from the trek, and so I have regular access to the internet! Yesterday we slept in and spent the afternoon on a whirlwind city tour of Cusco, which was a little too touristy and disappointing after our adventure on the Inca Trail. And today I have managed …

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Inca Trail

We made it! We arrived back in Cusco last night after 4 days and 3 nights hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It was an amazing and difficult trek which can be summed up with a few central themes: rain, sore muscles, sweat and beautiful views of the Andes. Day One Our group consisted …

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Feliz Navidad

We arrived in Cusco early yesterday morning, which is the “undisputed archeological capital of the Americas” (according to the Lonely Planet). Cuzco is at 3326m, which is high enough to: give you headaches, make you short of breath, and make your heart beat rapidly, because of the thin air. We spent most of

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