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Being fearless is not about having no fear. It is about taking your fears and facing them head on. Do I have fears about moving to Germany? About being understood when I do not speak the language fluently (yet)? About making the right career move? About living up to my own expectations? Hell yes. Will …

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Have You Heard?

Well, it’s officially official (meaning the news is out at work and I can now blog about it with a clear conscience) — I’m moving to Germany at the end of June for a year-long fellowship to research their national policy against violence against women. It’s hard to put into words just how excited I …

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Here and There

Crazy work schedule lately. Spent a couple of days in D.C. this week at a mini-conference on violence and abuse in relationships. Made a lot of connections and received plenty of positive feedback. We took the train in Thursday morning and caught one of the last trains back on Friday night. Exhausting. Especially considering the …

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