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Starting Simple

Simple. That is not a word I use to describe my life. But it can be applied to my run today. My training for the NYC Half began this week, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m going to step it up a bit from previous half marathons. It’ll require a little more schedule coordination and rearranging to make sure I can fit in the long runs, the speed workouts, and the strength training — I’ve even got the Excel spreadsheet to prove it.

But today was an easy 4 mile run, up to Prospect Park and back, with no other goals than to get myself out of bed, acclimate myself to the heat and humidity, and enjoy the festive feeling of a three-day weekend. Plain and simple. And I’d say those goals were easily met. As much as I complain about running in the humidity, it felt good today — almost cleansing. So here’s to starting out simple!

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