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Here’s a little free association for this week’s Sunday Scribblings.

Left: Dancing. Seattle. Brooklyn. Gustav Klimt. Europe. Coffee. Theater. Sleep. Pillows. Rain. Music. Houseplants. Writing. Ben Harper. Ribbons. Jewelry. The New Yorker. Socks. Puppies. Arundhati Roy. The Notwist. Swimming. Pie. Holidays. Green. Wool scarves. Marathons. Barack Obama. Ice cream. Blogging. 1984. Circles. Cursive writing. Beaches.

Right: Dancing in the dark. Mark Rothko. Books. Photographs. Bright colors. Running. Family. Protest marches. The ocean. Movies. Public health. Dogs. High heels. Paul Farmer. Carnegie Hall. Statistics. Cupcakes. German. Family. Blue. Power drills. Maps. Windows. Lace. File folders. Clocks. Hillary Clinton. Popsicles. 1999. Geometry. Weight lifting.

Clearly, I seem to feel good about both sides…

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