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Frohe Festtage!

Christmas Pyramid in Hannover | No Apathy Allowed
Christmas Pyramid in Hannover via Instagram

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us!  Since we’re not traveling far for our celebrations, I was expecting to have more time to let everything sink in and really embrace the season.  But here it is, Christmas Eve, and I’m only kind of in the holiday spirit.  Maybe I need to drink some more Glühwein?

Mini Christmas tree | No Apathy Allowed
Our mini-tree, minus the new ornaments!

I haven’t made it to half as many Christmas markets as I wanted to this year, but I did still enjoy myself!  The market at Alexanderplatz made a nice meeting place with friends before heading to the cinema.  Mein Schatz and I braved a blizzard and visited one of our favorite markets, the Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt at the Kulturbrauerei.  And we stumbled upon the Weihnachts- und Umweltsmarkt am Koppenplatz on our way to dinner last weekend, and I scored two new ornaments for the tree!

Santa Claus ornament | No Apathy Allowed
New ornament from the Weihnachts- und Umweltmarkt am Koppenplatz in Berlin

Today we’re celebrating in Hannover with mein Schatz‘s family and a nice home cooked meal, decorating the tree*, and exchanging gifts. Since the 24th is the major holiday here, tomorrow we’ll eat leftovers for lunch and just relax.   I’m also looking forward to Skyping with my family tomorrow on Christmas Day.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, you’re happy and well and surrounded by people you love.  Happy holidays!

Christmas Market 2012 Statistics:

  • Christmas markets visited: 9 (5 in Hannover, 3 in Berlin, 2 in Hamburg)
  • Mugs of Glühwein consumed: 2.5
  • Bags of Schmalzkuchen consumed: 1
  • Ornaments purchased: 3

* It’s rather traditional in Germany to wait right up until Christmas to put up the tree and the decorations.  My tree, on the other hand, has been up and decorated for a few weeks (despite the strange looks I get from the neighbors) and I like it that way!

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