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Zen Under Fire

Zen Under Fire | A Review

Hi all, I had planned to share with you about my trip to Finland this week, but the universe has conspired against me. My smart phone was stolen on Thursday, and unrelatedly, since yesterday my work computer and Macbook have been under quarantine. But as soon as I’m able to get back onto my Mac …

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Blogging About Fitness

Today you’ll find me over at Fitblogger, a community of healthy living bloggers supporting each other and sharing fitness tips.  My post focuses on my quest to become a better runner, including improving my overall fitness and well-being with yoga.  Check it out!

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Bremen 10K: Week 6

I had a pretty great training week for a change! Monday, cross-training: I signed up for Mariane Elliott’s 90 Days of Yoga course, which is a follow-up to her regular 30 Days courses.  The idea is to help you take your commitment to yoga a bit deeper, and to build up a sustained practice that works …

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The Berlin Half: Week 6

Half way there!  With only six more weeks to go before the race, here was my plan for the week: 40-minute tempo run + upper body strength training Yoga 3-mile run + lower body strength training 9-mile run And here’s the reality of the past week: Gentle yoga.  I had to shuffle around my normal …

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