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Seattle –> Frankfurt –> Hamburg

I lost all of Sunday afternoon and night on an airplane — meaning that I skipped over the Oscar’s entirely (but am psyched to hear about about Kathryn Bigelow’s win). Now that I’ve showered, unpacked, picked up some groceries and trudged through the snow (again), let’s see how long blogging can keep me awake.

Well, it’s pretty evident that I love my hometown. My trips always fly by, and really, how can they not? Especially when I’m:

  • Playing with my 4-year-old nephew who, since the last time I saw him, has transformed from a toddler into an imaginative little boy (who, while blowing out his birthday candles, wished for the ability to shoot fireballs).
  • Holding my brand new baby nephew, who is as chill as his brother is energetic.
  • Interviewing my parents about their life stories, as part of a book project that my siblings and I are putting together.
  • Taking advantage of the unseasonally mild weather in the Northwest and jumpstarting my half-marathon training.

I would love to write more, but I’m afraid my brain is turning to mush. But, below are a few photos…

P.S. I didn’t end up blogging so much while I was away, but definitely did some tweeting. Check it out, if you want the behind the scenes scoop.

Art in the alley
Art installation in Pioneer Square
Art in the alley
Art installation in Pioneer Square
Olympic Mountains
Sunrise over the Olympics
Blue Puget Sound
Blue skies over Puget Sound
Spring flowers
Spring flowers from the Market

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